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Get away for the Holiday Season! (Bluechip completes Good Hope Villa) Now open for booking.

Bluechip has recently completed a design and build for a boutique hotel in the beautiful Sam Roi Yod Bay, Thailand. (www.goodhopevilla.com)

Located 100 metres from the beach, this is Bluechip Construction's first completed project for TIDINDI (Thailand Property Development: http://www.bluechip.co.th/development), and marks a significant step forward in the scale of project that they can undertake.

The project took 12 months from land purchase to completion, and opened its doors for booking in October 2017.

The approach to the design has been around a standard in-situ concrete construction structure considered straightforward for local labour teams working outside of Bangkok. The basic spatial organisation model was developed from a typical Thai Townhouse (ตึกแถว/อาคารพาณิชย์).

The styling and finishing of the property has been based upon traditional Thai semi-outdoor living, with public spaces provided on ground floor and intimate private spaces on the upper floors.

Finishes have been left raw and honest. Architectural materiality is expressed in the fashion of a New York Loft.

Floor to ceiling windows provide maximum light and ventilation, walls are accented by hand made Ayutthaya brick and Traditional Thai artworks.

Bluechip wishes to thank SCG (for their ongoing support during the external wall finishing works, TIDINDI Thailand Property Development, and the kind, friendly and supportive people of Sam Roi Yod.

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