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Soju Bar Sot

We’ve just completed our work at Soju Bar Sot.


BLUECHIP has been lucky to be able to cultivate, and be cultivated by our client. Our client let us decide, our client trusted us. Trusted us to deliver the package on time and to budget.

Our management approach working under our Standard Contract allowed us to minimize risk and explore the design situation to its full potential.

We work to a budget and a schedule, meeting these requirements is our primary objective. When we know how we must work... then, we can approach the design.

Design Approach

Korean iconography and elements of strong entrance and threshold are realised. Quality and exclusivity of high-end opulence. In leathers and massive timbers. Things are weighty and important here.

Organic soju, made from speciality rice (not tapioca) is brewed and fermented. Distilled in a unique and modern way, then aged in Onggi. (Onggi are the traditional Korean pots made with local clay and a knowledge from antiquity. The manufacturing process is manual where the extensive kneading and aging of the clay allows air flow to permeate the aging liquor and infuse local air qualities to the liquid).

We balanced these masculine elements with delicate feminine touches with the use of crockery and pastel coloured ceramic tiling. Yin and Yang at play. Further expressed with the range of coloured soju-infusions displayed in lead crystal decanters at the bar.

Studded door structures and post and beam constructions. Heavy cast ironmongery. Solid timber formworks and finishings; reeking solidity like the smoke from the Cohibas enjoyed in the cigar room.

Korean motifs on bannisters, high wood grain expression, ceramic sculpture and Onggi.

Light and materiality enhance the natural balance of the space.

We played with floor levels to create intimacy and comfort around the sunken bar area.

The ‘Sot’ is the Korean rice pressure cooker: you close the lid on your best produce and a little water, turn up the heat and see what happens.

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