About Us

We are a specialist interior design contractor company: we deliver solutions in project management, construction, planning, development, and bespoke furniture, in Bangkok and Thailand.

Established in Bangkok 2013 by an experienced team of professionals we offer excellent design and technical consultancy and innovative solutions.

Our knowledge and experience is established, detailed and extensive.


We strive to be responsive and dynamic to market and client demands.

We provide comprehensive consulting services on all aspects of project and construction management from inception to completion.


Our long-standing relationships with a reliable supply chain enable us to offer the highest standards of project delivery at competitive prices.


Our business is based on the principle of offering the highest quality product and service at a competitive and fair price.


Our business looks to develop and maintain strong relationships with all we work with and to make working enjoyable and rewarding for all who participate.


We believe our service levels set us apart from the rest, we are open and friendly, and our world-class delivery processes facilitate our competitive edge within the market place.


We strive to be cost effective, sustainable and to deliver productivity-enhancing solutions


We promise to deliver:


 Service excellence

High quality construction

Client satisfaction



Our staff focus on service delivery for our clients to achieve the highest quality.

We utilize the most up-to-date procurement and billings systems to ensure our cash flow management and invoicing is optimized and appropriate for the projects we undertake.


We have a dedicated joinery team that can fabricate the highest quality built-in bespoke furniture for our projects, enabling designers and clients an unrivaled quality and uniqueness to their project.